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Inching up the list. Thank you.

So, now The Smolder is #4 in free Christian Futuristic Fiction for Kindle books in the US, #3 in Fantasy/Alternative History in the US, and #3 in Amazon UK’s Kindle Fantasy/Alternative History. I haven’t checked the other international sites yet. Considering that I’ve had to be away from a computer nearly all day and haven’t been able to do the usual tweeting, etc., this is encouraging. Thank you to anyone who downloaded a copy, or who passed along the news that it was free today.



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Number eight

The Smolder is currently #8 in Kindle Christian Futuristic Fiction (free books list). The current promotion is set to end tonight. There’s a tiny chance it will be extended, or that another free day or two will happen before February 4, but don’t count on it. (Until February 4, this title will continue to be in the Kindle Owners Lending Library at Amazon, to be borrowed at no cost by people who have an Amazon Prime membership. After that, it will reappear at Barnes and Noble for Nook, and will slowly roll out to be available for other ereaders and bookstores.)


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Fair warning for Nook readers

I have good news and bad news.

First, the bad news. A couple of my titles, Why We Raise Belgian Horses and The Smolder, will be going off Nook this week, and will be unavailable for about three months. (There’s still time to buy a copy this year, if you hurry. But you can’t dawdle.)

Now the good news. If you read on Kindle, look for some special deals on those two titles, sometime during that same time frame.


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Now on Nook

The Birdwatcher is now available for Nook.

It’s currently five stars at Goodreads (with three ratings).


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The Birdwatcher is free for Kindle…

today and tomorrow.

It’s sitting near the top of a couple of subgenre lists, including Christian Futuristic Fiction, where it’s currently #2. (Listings change hourly):


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Kindle Freebie today and tomorrow

Not Exactly Dead is free for Kindle today and tomorrow. This is the first book in the MI5 1/2 series.

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Interesting next door neighbor

Not Exactly Allies has jumped to #9 in free Kindle books in Spy Stories & Tales of Intrigue. It’s currently side by side with From Russia With Love by Ian Fleming (in the paid Kindle bestseller list). Interesting neighborhood, this is.


Meanwhile, the first book in the MI5 1/2 series is on sale at 99 cents for Kindle.

All of the MI5 1/2 books are available for borrowing at no charge for Amazon Prime members with Kindle devices until the first of February. (After that, they’ll go off there, but will be available again for Nook.)

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